Wabash Technologies introduces the 9631 PPS Pedal Position Sensor.


A non-contacting, bolt-on, dual-output device, it is specifically designed for small-angle pedal position sensing. The sensor is programmable to meet customer requirements for slope and plateau output within its 80 ° mechanical travel. It also offers clockwise rotation and reversible voltage protection, and is available in SAEJ1843-compliant versions for 12V and regulated 5V power supplies. Fully sealed PCB construction meets IP67 standards, and makes it ideal for use on vehicles designed for agriculture, construction, off-highway, and recreational markets.


The Wabash 9631 PPS sensor has passed extreme DV testing requirements and has the ability to withstand temperature extremes and harsh environments while providing fast system response. Its versatile design is said to offer superior value because of the ease of adding low-cost options with minimal tooling investment.


Note: Pedal Position Sensor WBS 9631 Magnetic Marelli.

SEPPS01 / WBS 9631 Pedal Position Sensor

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